15 Station Road, off hwy. #3, Head of St. Margaret's Bay
Safety Minded ATV Association
Progress continues on the Lewis Lake
Fire Road and the Old Coach Road to
Nine Mile River and toward Goodwood.  
Trail improvements, bridges and many
culverts have been installed.  Upgrading
and additional work continues annually.
Connector Trail - 3.1 km
Joshua Slocum / Fire Road to the "T" - 11.35 km
Old Halifax - 4.3 km
Old Halifax to Old Coach Road - 4.9 km
Old Coach Road, St. Margaret's Bay area to the "T" - 5.3 km
Old Coach Road, the "T" to Nine Mile River - 13.7 km
Old Coach Road, Nine Mile River, East to Goodwood - 13.2 km
West trail north through Green Head Road to 103 - 6.6 km
East trail north to Green Head Road - 1.9 km
Total trail will be approximately 71 kilometres in length.