15 Station Road, off hwy. #3, Head of St. Margaret's Bay
Safety Minded ATV Association
February 15, Fun Run to Nine Mile River and Chili Lunch at Clubhouse
November 30, Christmas in the Bay #1        Christmas in the Bay #2
November 10, Fun Run
October 26, Chase the Ace Rally - LUNCH AREA       REGISTRATION
May 25, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Day

December 2, Hayrides at Cavicchis
November 10, The Guy Show, Exhibition Park, Halifax
November 4, Chase the Ace Rally - LUNCH AREA     REGISTRATION
October, Trail work across SMATVA property in Tantallon
October 4, Work continues on Lewis Lake Parking Area
September-October, Parking Lot at end of Joshua Slocum completed & Connector Trail upgraded.
October, Replace two old bridges
October 4, Work continues on the Lewis Lake Parking Area
May 7 & 8, Clubhouse Improvements
April 21, 3rd Annual Poutine Poker Rally - LUNCH AREA,    REGISTRATION
January 14, Fun Run 103 flashing light to Highway 101 and return, FALLS VIDEO

December 3, SMATVA Fun Run
November 26, Christmas in the Bay
November 16, More Clubhouse Improvements
November 12, Fun Run from Ingramport
November 4, Chase the Ace Rally -  REGISTRATION,   LUNCH AREA
October 27, Signing Bowater Trails
October 19 - 23, Clubhouse Repairs
September 6 -14, Crossing Newfoundland by ATV & SideXSide
July 24, Nine Mile River Bridge Work continues
July 20, Nine Mile River Bridge Decking continues
July 19, Nine Mile River Bridge Decking
July 14, Nine Mile River Bridge Placement
May 31, Trail work at Sandy Lake near Christmas Tree Camp
May 27, SMATVA Members at New Germany, Central Nova Rally
May 18, Mike and Mike preparing garden for St Margarets Bay Area Rails to Trails entrance
April 29, 2nd Annual Poutine Poker Rally
March 25, ATV Trip To Ski Martock
March 19, ATV Trip to Ski Martock
March, SMATVA Clubhouse Improvements
January 23, 2017, Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area - Nine Mile River Bridge Project
January 7, Jack Frost Scramble, 379 participants

December 4, Christmas in the Bay Hay Rides
October 18, Bridge at Lewis Lake (Rails to Trails Bridge Repairs by SMATVA)
October 7, Opening Protected Area to Bikers
September 25, Chace the Ace Rally Day 2
September 24, Chace the Ace Rally Day 1
September 19 - November 3, WPA Pictures
September 9 - 17, Crossing Newfoundland by ATV
July 25, Honda Demo and Trail Work
July 18, Mud search for Aug 2016 rally
July 13, Trail Mowing
July 12, SMATVA Night Fun Run
June 23, ESSO Trail Bridge/Trail Work and Rails to Trails Chipper Detail
June 13, WPA Trip to look at EHS Helipad Sites
May 13, Food Bank Donations from SMATVA April 2 Poker Rally
April 27 - April 28, St. Margarets Bay Rail to Trails Parking Lot at Redmonds
April 22, SMATVA Night Full Moon Run
April 16, SMATVA Caledonia Fun Run
April 2, Poutine Poker Rally
March 31, Rally Signing
March 27, SMATVA Member Run
March 1, Rally Trail Signing
February 27, SMATVA Fun Run #1
February 27, SMATVA Fun Run #2
February 23, Trail Work on Muskrat Trail
January 9, Hubbards Rally

December 27, Fun Run
December 12, ATVANS Ticket Sales, Canadian Tire
December 6, Hubbards Toy Run
November 28, Christmas in the Bay Hay Rides
October 3, McInnis Cooper Work Day on Trail
September 27, Fall Rally to Timber Lake
September 24, Planning Rally Route for September 27
September 18, Rails to Trails Ride for Cancer Research
September 13, SMATVA Fun Run #1
September 13, SMATVA Fun Run #2
September 11, Kubota Repairs
August 25, WPA Pictures
August 10, WPA Work July/August
August 8, Bike Ride across the Old St. Margaret's Bay Road
July 20, Rails to Trails Run, Board Members
July 17, Rails to Trails Bridge Repairs
May to July, WPA Work
July 1, SMATVA Fun Run
June 11/12, New Bridge on ATV Connector Trail
June, PICTURES, Tour de la Gaspésie, Day 1 - 7 - Bob Conrad
May 25, WPA Trail Inspection
May 21, Bridge Work
January 24, Chester Fish 'n Chip Rally
January 17, Poker Rally to Highway 101, High Temperature -12c

December13, Rally on Bowater Lands
December 12, Signing for Rally Route
November 28, Christmas in the Bay
November 9, Fun Run
November DATE??, ATV Connector Trail Work, Water Control, Culvert
October 18, Fun Run
October 10, Big Five Bridge Lake, Bridge & Culvert
October 8, More Bridge Fill & Cofferdam
October 7, Bridge Fill Continues
October 1 & 2, WPA Bridge Work
September 30, WPA Bridge, September Construction
September 29, Stuck Truck & Bridge Construction Prep.
September 16, WPA Trash Site Clean Up
August - September, Trail to Nine Mile River Bridge
September 11, St. Margaret's Bay Bridge & Trail Work
August 25/26, Rails to Trails brush mowing
August 21, Newfoundland August 21 - 29
August 1 - September 13, Trail to Nine Mile River Bridge
July 31, Installing Signage and Posts, WPA
July 22, WPA Inspection, Peter and Corey
July 17, WPA Work
July 11, Good Bye Big Water Hole
July 10, Nearing End of the Large Water Hole
July 7 - 11, WPA Work, Waterhole & Gates
June 12, Pouring Concrete for Gates
June 6 - 23, WPA Work
June 2, Kelly Bridge Work, Hubbards Area
May 12, Rails to Trails Bridge Work
May 10, Fun Run, Glenn's Lunch at Long Lake and Ron's Saw Mill
May 10, Video of Bob Conrad at the Black Hole
April 28, Trip to Bowater Rossignol and Medway
April 27, Bowater Lands Clean-Up
February 22, Rally to Hubbards, 157 Riders
February 7, Trails Crew Ride and Lunch at Big Indian Camp
February 3, Tunnel Trail Work
January 20, Charter Member, Volunteer Award Members
January 11, Poker Rally to 101

November 23, Christmas in the Bay
November 18, SMATVA Clubhouse Improvements
November 16, Fun Run from Sandy Lake
November 11 - 13, Tote Road Work
November 14, Tote Road Makeover
November 8, Work on Connector Trail
November 6, WPA Work week of Nov 1 - 6
October 23, WPA Work
October 16, WPA Work, week of October 14 - 16
October 9, WPA Work
October 9, Finishing Bridge, Planting Culvert
October 7, WPA Trail Work
October 6, SMATVA Fun Run to Bob Lane's Camp
October 3, Building Wilderness Area Bridge, Day 3
October 2, Building Wilderness Area Bridge, Day 2
October 1, Bulding Wilderness Area Bridge, Day 1
September 25, Trail Work, Culverts
September 6, Newfoundland ATV Trip
August 28, Connector Trail Work
August 28, Culvert Arrival and Connector Repairs
August 17, Community Street Party
August 13 & 14, FBLWA Trail Work
July 24, WPA Work, Moving Material, Culvert, etc.
July 21, Bowater Lands, New Signs and Alternate Routes
July 26, Porcupine Bridge Repair
JUly 16, SMATVA Work Party, Bob Lane's Camp Deck
April 29, Bowater Lands Opening Ceremony
April 18, Work on trail to Smelt Brook
April 11, Smelt Lake Trail Work
March 8, Ingramport Bridge project for St. Margaret's Bay Rails to Trails
February 9, SMATVA Rally, 151 Participants
January 19 and 20, Poker Rally, 203 Participants #1
January 19 and 20, Poker Rally, 203 Participants #2

December 2, Fun Run to Ron's Camp & Bob's Camp
November 17, Christmas in the Bay
October 13, Rally
June 21, Tick Trail Work Day
June 16, Fun Run
June 13, Trail Work Building Five Bridges
March 16, Donated Lumber Picked Up
April - May, Tunnel Trail Route
April 11, ESSO Trail & Rails to Trails Work
February 15 - April 4, Trail Work, Power Line Trail Tunnel Route
March 7, ESS0 Trail Upgrades
March 3, Rally - Old Well, Airport Hill, Blind Bay
March 2, Rally pre-run, Trail Inspection, Sand Drop Off
February 10, Trail Work on Ingramport Powerline, Two Bridges
February 8, Trail Work to Tunnel, Two Sections
February 6, 2012, Fixed Link
January 28, Shore Riders Poker Rally
January 21, Poker Rally
January 7, Hubbards ATV Rally

December 14, Trail Crew Christmas
December 1 & 9, Tunel Repairs
December 7 & November 25, Wilderness Protected Area, Survey of ATV Roads
November 19, Christmas in the Bay
September 10 - November 19, Trail Work on powerline from Tote Road to tunnel boardwalk
November 13, Fun Run from Rawdon to Walton
November 9, Trail Run, Inspection, Meeting, Supper
October 12, Luck of the Draw Rally
September 17, Fun Run to camp on Long Lake, Chebucto Trails via Connector Trail
August 31, ATV RiderCourse
August 20, Trail Run - Fun Run Route
July 26, Installation of Rails to Trails km & Community Signs
July 23, Fun Run to Bowater & Highway 101
July 6, SMATVA Volunteers on Trail
June 18, Fun Run to Bowater
May 14, Fun Run to East Chester
March 5, ATV Rally
January 15, Poker Rally - 188 Participants

December 11, Fun Run to Hubbards & Bowater
November 24 & 25, Redmond's Bridge
November 27, Christmas in the Bay - Hay Rides
October 23, SMATVA Fun Run
February 13, SMATVA Rally
June 19, Rally Poster and Map
June 9 & 10, Bridge Work at Powerline
April 2, Trail Work
July & August, Connector Trail Work
May 7, Trail Work for May Rally
February 14, Fun Run
February 14, Bridge Building
February 14, Trail Work

December 5, SMATVA Hay Rides, Christmas at Tantallon
December12, SMATVA Poker Rally - Chili Stand
October 17, Metro District ATV Association Rally
September 29, SMATVA Trails Group, Fun Run, Bridge Inspection, Chebucto Lands
August 31, World International Laser Boat Races, Glen Haven
August 21, Bridge Work at ESSO
June 17, Work at Powerline and Porcupine Stream Crossing
June 9, Bridge Building
June 6, Trails Day Barbecue, Trail & Bicycle Event, St. Margarets Bay
June 26, SMATVA Work Crew repairing Railbed exit to ESSO
May 23, ATVANS Zone Meeting & SMATVA Fun Run
May 9, Work Crew, Powerline & Trail to Porcupine Lake Road
April 1, 103 Trail Route to Powerline, Alligator (logging boat) trail run
April 19, Alligator on Bowater Land
February & March, February Rally, Trail Run, etc.
January 31, SMATVA Rally & Trail Work for Rally
January 10, Hubbards Rally
January 3, SMATVA Fun Run

December 20, Trail Work, Lewis Lake Fire Road
September 21, SMATVA Fun Run
September 28, St Margarets Bay Expo, SMATVA Booth
July 26, Lottery Tickets, Sobeys Spryfield
June 7, Trails Day Bike and Walk Event
May 30, Playground work at Clubhouse, etc.
April 19, Club Fun Run & Chili Lunch
April 9, Tote Road Bridge Redecking
April 6 & 7, Lottery 2008, Ticket Selling at Sobeys
April 2, Trail Work
March 27, Trail Work
March 16, Fun Run, SMATVA, Long Lake Loggers, Metro District Clubs
March 6, Trail Work
February 20, Trail Work to Tunnel
January 20, Trail Work

December 31, New Year's Dance at Clubhouse
November 18, Various Photos
October 27, Trails Day Ceremony, SMATVA Clubhouse
October 21, Hubley Bridge, Rails to Trails
June 23, Cape Breton Highlands Trip
April 16, ESSO Trail Bridge and Construction


March 5 DATE??, Martock Run
February 26, Winter Rally

March 28, Spring Rally
January 8 DATE??, Trail Work Site, Smelt Brook Route
January 7 DATE??, Special Meeting, DNR, Former Bowater Lands Access
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