15 Station Road, off hwy. #3, Head of St. Margaret's Bay
Safety Minded ATV Association
Membership per year is $43.00 plus $6.53 HST for a total of $50.00. $20.00
goes to the club and $23.48 goes to ATVANS (ATV Association of Nova

Trail Permit Only is $65.22 plus $8.25 HST = $75.00 Total.
($20.72 to ATVANS and $45.00 to the Trail Fund.

General Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month with the
exception of July and August. Please refer to for future club
activities and notices. We have volunteers managing rallies, doing trail
maintenance, fund raising, and more.

The Safety Minded ATV Association has over 300 members. Our clubhouse
is in a small retired school on a hill.  The address is:
15 Station Road (Just off Highway #3)
Head of St. Margarets Bay, NS
B3Z 2B9
Contact Jamie for Membership Inquiries