15 Station Road, off hwy. #3, Head of St. Margaret's Bay
Safety Minded ATV Association
This road eventually will lead to Highway 103 from the roundabout. (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

Drivers will have to wait until the new year to use a $17-million interchange connecting Ingramport, N.S., near St. Margarets Bay, with
Highway 103.

The much-delayed project has hit another snag, this time to accommodate a trail that crosses the connector.

"That was one of a number of options and that was the one ultimately the community and local stakeholders wanted," Transportation
Minister Geoff MacLellan said.

The new Exit 5 A on Highway 103 was supposed to open in September, but adding the trail overpass is expected to push the opening to
early January.

The work, being done by Dexter Construction, also adds another $1.06 million to the project. The new estimation is $17 million — a big
jump from the $10 million estimate in 2010.

'Worth the investment'

Securing extra money from the government's Treasury Board took some time, MacLellan said.

"It's worth the investment. I know it is a little bit of extra time and people are frustrated; they want to see it open. We'll get there as soon as
we can. It's going to be the right thing for everyone once its finished," he said.

The overpass ensures that the ATV riders, bicyclists, pedestrians and others who use the rails-to-trail don't get run over where the trail
crosses the new road.

Paving is expected to begin this week. Once paving is finished and abutments are completed, a pre-cast steel bridge will be dropped in
place. The overpass must be high enough to allow a transport truck to pass underneath.

Safety issue

Anne Patrick, who chairs the St. Margarets Bay Area Rails to Trails Association, says the bridge is much safer than a level crossing.

"Since the connector is now considered or classified as part of the 100-series highway, the trail had to pass over the connector with an
overpass as opposed to an on-grade intersection. We always had grave concerns about an on grade intersection, so this is our favoured
option," Patrick says.

"The overpass, I think, will be long term the safest way to get across the connector. It's been a very lengthy process, but we look forward to
it being completed."
CBC News
OCTOBER 24, 2016
Paul Withers, Reporter
Trail work stalls Ingramport-Highway 103 connector opening
The connector road now will cost $17 million — a big jump from the 2010 estimate

Trail Overpass being added for ATV riders, bicyclists, pedestrians and others.