The following is an email sent to Jim Law, Membership by a new member after
the December 11 Sunday Fun Run and Social:

Hi Jim, wanted to thank you for the personal invite to the rally Sunday. It
was a very exciting time for me. Not sure if my cheeks were sore from my new
helmet or all the grinning I was doing in it on the trail! Had a blast!
Too, everyone treated me with a high degree of respect and kindness. Very
impressed. I want to emulate their open friendliness to other new comers on
the trail as they have done to me.
Furthermore, joining the association, I was unsure how everything was going
to play out on Sunday, and as the day wore on, it became known there was
going to be food at the end of the run.  I really did not expect the feast
that was laid out before all to enjoy! I realize it takes a lot of work and
many hands to do that. It was very, very comforting that many of your
members came and sat near me and had conversations that were genuinely
You have something special there and I am quite happy I have joined your
association.  Looking forward to seeing you and your members again as soon as
Thank you Jim.
15 Station Road, off hwy. #3, Head of St. Margaret's Bay
Safety Minded ATV Association
Guests are welcome at all fun runs, no charge.  
SMATVA has a $5.00 fee for guests wishing to join in
our club's supplied lunches, or join the club and save the
$5.00 lunch fee.  Full year membership is
$35.00.  Membership is available online on our website
or at our meetings, Fun Runs and Rallies.
15 Station Road, off hwy. #3, Head of St. Margaret's Bay
Safety Minded ATV Association
Poutine Rally April 21, 2018
484 Registered Participants attended the Rally (Almost 600 people)